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our services

We’re a multi-service nonprofit organization focused on building communities through small business development, housing, employment services, and the arts.
free and discounted professional services and business workshops
locate and qualify for local affordable rental and purchase opportunities
workforce development resources and local employment opportunities
artistic and cultural events and activities in your community

Community members served since 2012


Local small businesses serviced


Community events produced

small business directory

Check out some of the most amazing businesses in your community!

higherself news

  • What is Devotion NYC? We’re excited to be partnering with a brand new community organization, Devotion NYC this year! They believe that our communities are economically

  • We’ve got a Small Business Directory! Its goal is to help you take advantage of the amazing products and services our Small Business Partners have to offer. About The Di

  • 2015 At the start of 2015 we set some goals; we needed enough resources to support our current programs, and to design some new programs intended to address a few very pressin