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Business Services

The Chick Virtual Assistant

pointment Scheduling

Calendar Management

Email Management

Basic Bookkeeping

Customer Service

In and Outbound Phone Support

Document Preparation and Formatting


Data Entry

Event Management

Internet and Market Research

Order Entry and Invoicing

Recruitment and Staffing

Travel Planning and Reservations

Two monitors

CRM Management and Support

E-Commerce Support

Product and Technical Support

Social Medial Management

WordPress Maintenance and Support

White Home Office

Personal Assistant in your home or office

Local clients within a 10-mile radius of Ridgewood, NY

Covers all tasks listed under Chic Boutique
Errands and grocery shopping
Event Specific Personal Shopping
Gift Shopping for that Special Someone
Holiday Decoration
Home Office Organization
Host/Hostessing for Private Events
Household Budget Preparation
House Sitting
Light housekeeping
Packing and Unpacking for Travel
Tax Preparation (Basic Personal)

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487 Senca Ave., Ridgewood, New York 11385
The Culture LP
The Culture LP

The Culture LP (Culture Lifestyle and Progress), founded in 2012 by Michael Tonge, Jasmine Henderson, and Pavel Konoplenko is a network of writers, thinkers, artists, and connectors who aim to create a lasting-impact on the world through art, action, and passion. “Principles over profits” is their motto.

The Culture LP provides digital marketing and media services for small businesses. Whether you need help increasing your online presence, or booking an affordable photographer, The Culture LP has got you covered.