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Amberkissed Apitherapy
Business Name: Amberkissed Apitherapy
Borough: Manhattan

Amberkissed is decadent collection that focuses on apitherapy and aromatherapy. Products are made with pure and natural honeybee products, including the essential oils from the very flowers that bees help pollinate. The line reflects a passion for formulas that inspire wellness of the mind, body and soul.

Amberkissed started out as an artisanal soap company which incorporates specific honey bee products and aromatherapy formulas in the soap. Now expanding into beeswax candles and other skin products, this unique and naturally fragrant line contains various combinations of organic honey, organic beeswax, herbs, flowers, various premium unrefined emollient oils and butters, and the best quality essential oils. They never ever use artificial or synthetic fragrances or ingredients. They’re a sustainable company that supports the wellness of bees and the planet, and therefore refrain from using plastic or excessive packaging.

Business Phone Number: (646) 535-3307
Business Street Address: 601 W 149th Street
Asali Yoga
Business Name: Asali Yoga
Type of Business: ,
Borough: Manhattan

In the heart of Harlem, just a block away from the St. Nicholas Park meadow, Asali Yoga director Erica Robinson and her troupe of passionate instructors lead Vinyasa-based yoga classes that link body-strengthening poses with purposeful, healing breaths. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and take a class set to an inspiring mix of soothing songs.

Dedicated students interested in deepening their practice can also enroll in the studio’s uplifting workshops and destination retreats.

Website: Asali Yoga
Business Phone Number: (646) 535-3307
Business Street Address: 601 West 149th Street
Body Power Private Fitness
Type of Business: ,
Borough: Brooklyn

Body Power Private Fitness not only customizes your personal training sessions to meet your goals, they help you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Owner Margaret “Ma’at” Acco excels as a personal trainer and a nutritional advisor with over 20 years of experience. She is known for her discipline and positive demeanor.
“I advise everyone to simply eat healthy, do cardio, strength train and stretch to feel, look and think their best!” If it’s a better body and improved health you seek, Ma’at is the fitness coach for you!
They’re located right around the corner from beautiful Prospect Park. Visit them and get a free fitness assessment with any fitness package!

Business Phone Number: (718) 768-8986
Business Street Address: 409A 16th Street
Heaven Scent Candle Company
Type of Business: ,
Borough: Brooklyn

Heaven Scent Candle Company was established in May of 2015 by founder Michael Rice. His inspiration for the candle company came from his passion for being pampered, smelling and feeling the soothing smells of therapeutic oils.
Heaven Scent Candle Company is an all-natural, earth-friendly company. Our candles are made with alcohol-free scent fragrances and all natural soy wax. Each candle is sculpted by hand and finished off with a 100 percent pure cotton wick. Candles come in assorted sizes.

Their website is currently under construction. Please contact them at (718) 614-3222 to arrange sale and pickup. Thank you!

Business Phone Number: (718) 614-3222
Business Street Address: 361 New Lot Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11207
Khamit Kinks
Business Name: Khamit Kinks
Borough: Brooklyn

In 1988, Khamit Kinks was brought to life on the ground floor of a historic brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. By 1996 the business outgrew this space and Khamit Kinks relocated to TriBeCa where we thrived for nearly a decade. Although the years in Manhattan were exciting and productive, we longed to be back in Brooklyn so we packed our things and returned to our roots.

Today we are located on Atlantic Avenue, in the center of the business and shopping districts of downtown Brooklyn, just a few minutes away from Barclay’s Center. With a roster of high profile clients plus a loyal following of friends and family, we love our neighborhood and know you will too.

Khamit Kinks’ first priority is to encourage, support and maintain healthy hair both responsibly and creatively. We believe that when the hair is strong and healthy, the styling options and possibilities are endless.

Overall, our goal is to promote and support strong, healthy and beautiful hair that will enhance your natural beauty for years to come.

Website: Khamit Kinks
Business Phone Number: (718) 422-2600
Business Street Address: 400 Atlantic Avenue
Move With Grace
Business Name: Move With Grace
Borough: Brooklyn

Move With Grace is a multipurpose space dedicated to teaching Yoga, Dance, Pilates and Fitness classes and workshops to people of all ages. Located in the the beautiful and friendly neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn; Move With Grace offers over 30 classes per week within many disciplines of movement to feed the heart, body and soul.

Their instructors  are experienced and passionate career teachers who have taught, studied and performed all over the world! They specialize in small classes (never overcrowded) and they strive to help you reach your goals and maintain a safe space. Classes are fun and challenging with a healing touch to help you on your path to self-discovery.


Business Phone Number: (718) 230-0013
Business Street Address: 469 Myrtle Ave.
Nubian The Vegan Chef
Business Name: Nubian The Vegan Chef
Type of Business: ,
Borough: Brooklyn

Nubian The Vegan Chef is a personal chef, nutritional counselor, and caterer. She’s been blessed with the amazing gift of being able to help people live longer and healthier lives through food!

Do you love delicious vegan food? Are you too busy to prepare it?

Let Nubian take the hassle out of mealtime, parties, and special events so you can enjoy your the time with friends and family.

Business Phone Number: (917) 287-5913