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Neat Shiny Owl
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From Anthony Lewis, founder of Neat Shiny Owl:

I really like taking pictures…
Scratch that. I really, really like making art.
Actually, scratch that again…
I am in love with the art I see
around me every day.
I find it in the clouds, in parked bikes and former telephone booths, I find it in the oddly textured surface that picks up light from a cafe’s window. I’m obsessed with writing on the wall. And clever spoons. Boots. Hand-sized objects. Gates, doors and openings.

But perhaps most of all,

I am in love with the grand art that is people.
I hope that you have found your way here because I
bumped into you on the street and struck up a conversation,
or at least maybe smiled at you and said hey.
Have a further look around and if you like what you see, by all means
I like getting to know my clients beforehand so meeting over tea is always 
something exciting in preparation for your next project. If you know a place, I’m there. Hope to hear from you soon!

Terrence “ToNe” Forrest
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Do you need a photographer at a reasonable rate? You’re in luck. Terrence “ToNe” Forrest is the event photographer for you!

Club, baby shower, birthday party, you name it and Terrence will shoot it! Let Terrence’s creative edge capture those precious moments for you or your clients.

Terrence does his own RAW processing and all image files will be ready at the close of event, and any edits within hours. Contact Terrence for pricing if you’re interested!

Travis Fraser
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NYC based portrait and event photographer.

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(347) 871-8728