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Youth Services

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Aspire 2 Dance
Business Name: Aspire 2 Dance
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Borough: Brooklyn

Aspire 2 Dance is a dance school based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn offering ballet, hip hop, tap, zumba and African dance to children from age 3 to adults. Under the direction of Deborah Cook, the school has grown since its inception from Debbie’s Creative Dance Workshop with 8 students to its current status of students coming from all over the borough of Brooklyn.

Business Phone Number: (917) 596-4797
Business Street Address: 1195 Bedford Ave
Daddy Daughter Publishing
Borough: Brooklyn

Daddy Daughter Publishing’s mission is to create stories and promote literacy in urban or impoverished communities.

Imani House
Business Name: Imani House
Borough: Brooklyn

Imani House’s Mission is “to assist marginalized youth, families, and immigrants to create vibrant neighborhoods where residents are decision makers who take responsibility for the improvement of their lives and surroundings.” Imani House believes that everyone can succeed if they are motivated and have access to appropriate skills, information and opportunities.

Website: Imani House
Business Phone Number: (718) 638-2059
Business Street Address: 76A Fifth Avenue
Our Communities Our Children
Borough: Brooklyn

Our Communities Our Children (O.C.O.C.) creates and supports programs designed to develop the characters, talents and skills of children and teenagers. Their goal is to encourage the growth of children and teenagers into constructive and productive human beings, a skilled labor force and an entrepreneurial class that will one day spur social and economic advancement.


G.P.P.U.® —  G.P.P.U.  is a social-emotional learning system for children and teens. It provides a framework and processes that allow groups, organizations and institutions to create a positive school climate and culture.  G.P.P.U. encourages and supports the development of children into contributing community members and productive citizens.
M.A.P.S.®  — Multiple Alternatives Pathways to Success (M.A.P.S.) is a career and college readiness program.  M.A.P.S. focuses on delivering to our children and teens the opportunity to create productive and successful lives.
Positive Striving®  —  Positive Striving Talent Search® is our talent development program. We create activities that help to nurture the innate and unique talents of our children and teens. Our activities cater to youth with talent in the performing arts, visual arts, math and science, athletics, etc!

Send them a message to find out how to get one of their programs in your school or institution!

Business Phone Number: (347) 586-0052
Business Street Address: 1205 Atlantic Ave. #472585
Sabree Education Services
Borough: Manhattan

Sabree Education Services is designed to provide information for parents of newborns to age 3 and Providers servicing families from Prenatal to age 3. We want to help you provide the cognitive, social and emotional school readiness skills for your infant or toddler. The teaching and learning begins the moment the baby is born.

Sabree understands that expectant parents, new parents, seasoned parents and child care providers have a great deal on their plate. At Sabree Education Services we aim to help you and your infant/toddler through the developmental milestones.


Services Include:

* Parent Workshops

*Baby & Wee™ Classes for parents with infants and toddlers

*Tea & Tots™ Conversations for Expectant and New Parents  guest presenters are professionals working with expectant and new parents such as Lactation Consultant, Doula, Nutritionist

*Training for Nannies, Babysitters and Child care providers

*Staff Development


*Coaching New Directors

*Customized Workshops

*Activities for Baby Showers & Infant/Toddler party

*Panel Discussions

*House Calls for Baby & Wee™ Classes

Business Phone Number: (347) 524-4178
Speaking In Rhythms
Business Name: Speaking In Rhythms
Type of Business: ,
Borough: The Bronx

Founded by musician and educator, DeVeor Rainey, Speaking In Rhythms’ mission is to provide youth an opportunity to engage in comprehensive music programs that promote the appreciation and creation of music.

Speaking In Rhythms’ programs include:

Drumline Afterschool Workshop – a comprehensive drumming workshop in which students learn basic rhythmic patterns that are tools for percussionists.

Cultural Exchange Program – a program designed to expose youth to styles of music from various cultures abroad.
Mentoring – a program that’s goal is to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their musicianship skills while learning teaching skills.

Business Phone Number: (718) 308-1713
Business Street Address: 1372 Plimpton Avenue.
The Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center
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Borough: Brooklyn

The Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center aims to use the arts, primarily dance, as a means to empower youth within New York’s inner city communities. They endeavor to mold elite dancers and artists who will be able to develop, grow and compete on the world’s stage. The center will be a springboard for creating community identity and encouraging creative activity in neglected inner city areas.

The Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center’s mission is to use dance as a platform to encourage, inspire, and facilitate the aspirations of young people by engendering within them discipline, pride, determination, humility, respect and an appreciation for the arts. They aim to plant seeds of possibility where previously growth and development has been perceived an impossibility.

Classes for adults
Children’s classes
Studio Rental

Business Phone Number: (718) 443-9800
Business Street Address: 857 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor
Wealthy Minds, LLC
Business Name: Wealthy Minds, LLC
Borough: Brooklyn

Our mission at Wealthy Minds, LLC is to make young men of color aware of the school to prison pipeline that is plaguing the nation. The disproportional incarceration rate of young men of color puts a burden on families, communities, and our economy. To combat this epidemic, Wealthy Minds, LLC strives to provide young men of color with the tools the need to make healthier decisions regarding their futures. Our goal is to instill leadership qualities in those we service, challenge young men of color to realize their full potential, and help them secure a brighter, wealthier future.  Wealthy Minds targets young males between the ages of 14-18 years of age. Our company is comprised of myself, Tajh Restrepo (CEO/Founder/Program Director), Alex McNeely and Shamara Collins (Bemi Group, LLC, Project Managers), and Lisa Morris (Administrator).

Business Phone Number: (646) 413-2671