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small business

Business Capacity Building, Loan Qualification, Contracting & Funding Opportunities, Fiscal Sponsorship, Professional Services

HigherSelf has been servicing the small business community since 2012. Our staff and partners work together to equip clients with all the small business tools required to succeed.


Mortgage Loan Pre-qualification, Affordable Housing, Home & Property Defense

Our housing team helps community members qualify for mortgage loans, and locate affordable rental and purchase opportunities.

First Time Home Buyers

The Mortgage Process


Professional Development, Workforce Development, Mentorship

HigherSelf’s staff helps clients prepare for the workforce, and then connects them with employment opportunities.

arts & culture

Media, Artist Support, Events

We curate and produce artistic and cultural experiences with the goal of supporting the local arts community.


Wellness Events, Workshops & Products

Ultimately the promotion of the health and wellbeing of our community is integral to every thing that we do. Ask us about our wellness events and products.