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Small Business Directory

HigherSelf Small Business Directory

Small Business Directory

We’ve got a Small Business Directory! Its goal is to help you take advantage of the amazing products and services our Small Business Partners have to offer.

About The Directory:

 Businesses listed in our directory (Small Business Partners) are local, mission driven businesses that are providing valuable products or services to the community. We promote economic equality, so our Small Business Partners are mostly women-owned or owned by people of color.

– When you add a business to the directory, we follow up with them to make sure that they’re a great fit. Each of our Small Business Partners meets our quality standard, and is looking to build community in a meaningful way.

– Businesses in network are granted exclusive access to a suite of resources, handpicked by our team, designed to aid their growth and success. These resources include: funding opportunities, discounted professional services, contracting opportunities, and specialized workshops led by experts in their fields.

– Once you add a business to our directory, you gain access to special discounts on our Partners’ products, services, and tickets to HigherSelf LIVE events!

HigherSelf Small Business Directory

How to get involved: 

If there’s a business you really like, want others to know about, and would like to support, please add them to our directory. If there’s too many to add, and no time to do it yourself send us an email at partners@higherselflife.com with a list of business names, and we’ll be happy to add them to the directory for you.

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