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What’s Up?

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What’s Up?


At the start of 2015 we set some goals; we needed enough resources to support our current programs, and to design some new programs intended to address a few very pressing community needs. As the year comes to its end, we’ve realized those goals, and you’re the reason for that. To all of our volunteers, board members, partners and community members — thank you.

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What’s happening now

We started this year with three programs . . . we’ve expanded to five.

Here’s what’s new (and old) about each program, and how you can get involved:


Since 2012, we’ve built quite a buzz producing artistic/cultural events and providing opportunities for artists. Our in-house team of artists and organizers have been working diligently all year to reimagine creative ways in which we can further engage our communities. Be on the lookout for more events and activities and how you can get involved in 2016!

How to get involved: 

We’re always looking to collaborate with community members and local organizations to produce events. Send your event or event idea to arts@higherselflife.com to get started.



Partners is our small business development program. In the past, we’ve worked closely with local small businesses connecting them with resources to support their growth. We’re expanding this program to include more professional services, funding options and contracting opportunities.

Also, HigherSelfLife.com now has a Small Business Directory! We want you to take advantage of the amazing products and services our Small Business Partners have to offer.

How to get involved: 

If there’s a business you really like, want others to know about, and would like to support, please add them to our directory. If there’s too many to add, and no time to do it yourself send us an email at partners@higherselflife.com with a list of business names, and we’ll be happy to add them to the directory for you.


Business Paradigm

HigherSelf’s Business Paradigm serves to create jobs where there aren’t any. This program involves investing in local products manufacturers, helping them produce in volume, then training community members to sell these products and supplement their income.

How to get involved: 

Learn more about how it works here.


Jobs (*NEW*)

HigherSelf Jobs connects community members with employment opportunities provided by our friends, Partners, local institutions and government agencies. We also host workshops designed to build skills and obtain certifications needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

How to get involved: 

If you’re looking for work, fill out this form to get started. If you’d like to share a work opportunity with us, fill out this form.


Housing (*NEW*)

We help community members locate affordable rentals, purchase opportunities, and prequalify for mortgage loans

How to get involved: 

If you’re interested, fill out this form.

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